Becoming Superhuman

What's Gum-Gum Shooting?

Many people sometimes imagine if they can wield superhuman abilities like that appear in games and animation. Among these abilities, we focused particularly on representing the experience of arm stretching beyond the limits of the human body. We proposed a method for inducing a sense of arm stretching by designing the device attached to forearm and giving the user a visual cue by changing the body structure of the user’s avatar in the virtual environment. Our device shifts the mass from the elbow to the wrist while stretching the skin of the forearm according to the animation in the virtual environment. The sensation of the elongation of the arm skin as well as the change in the weight of arm is thought to be the feeling when the arms are stretched out. As a result, we introduce these two mechanisms into our device, which allows the user to feel the sense of arm stretching.


device image

Stretching the Skin of the Forearm

The role of this mechanism is to extend and restore the skin of the forearm in conjunction with the expansion and contraction of the arm of avatar. Grip tapes used for tennis racquets are wrapped at two places near the wrist and the elbow, and four link mechanisms made of ABS resin are sewn on both. When the first motor pulls threads passed through the four link mechanisms, they are pulled down and the forearm skin is stretched. When the motor loosens the thread, the link mechanism returns to its original shape and the skin of the forearm restores to its original state. Each tape is pressed with a force of 2.5 to 3.0 N.

Moving the Center of Gravity

The role of this mechanism is to move the center of gravity of the arm by moving the weight of the arm stretch device in conjunction with the expansion and contraction of the arm of the avatar. There is a sliding rail with a weight of 200g under the forearm, and a rubber belt is attached to this weight. By moving this weight using a pulley and the second motor like a belt conveyor, the center of gravity of the device can then be shifted. While the arm of the avatar is stretched, the motor rotates to move the weight forward, and while the arm is contracting, the motor rotates in the opposite direction.


  • 2018

    Won Sport & Leisure Award in Laval Virtual 2018
    Laval Virtual 2018 — Awards

  • 2017/12/2,3

    Entered final match in the Interactive Design Department of MashupAwards2017

  • 2017/10/28, 29

    Won Kawakami Memorial Special Award(The 3rd award), Laval Virtual Award, Team Lab Award, and Solidray Award in the final match of he 25th International collegiate Virtual Reality Contest(IVRC 2017)
    see the details of IVRC2017

  • 2017/09/15, 16

    Went through the preliminary match of 25th International collegiate Virtual Reality Contest(IVRC 2017)


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石田 亮太

Ryota Ishida

Hardware Engineer

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山下 隼輝

Shunki Yamashita

Hardware Engineer

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高橋 現秀

Arihide Takahashi

Software Engineer

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呉 學翰

Wu Hsueh han

Software Engineer

It consists of members who were assigned to the Shoichi Hasegawa laboratory at Tokyo Institute of Technology in fiscal year 2017.